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Transforming Wine Businesses

Welcome to CREDEMA.WINE, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize wine distribution and trading. We’ve created a specialized software solution for wine producers, resellers, and customers.

Your Wine Business

Create, Develop, Market

CREDEMA.WINE is your all-in-one business suite for creating, developing, and marketing your wine trading and distribution venture. Whether you’re building a website, launching marketing campaigns, monitoring interactions, or managing sales opportunities, CREDEMA.WINE provides an integrated environment with the essential tools and automation you need.

Benefits for Wine Resellers


Transition into a digital business and unlock limitless scalability.


Develop a robust Contacts Relationship Management approach, encompassing customers, suppliers, and partners.


Enjoy automated marketing, sales, and customer service in a unified digital setting.

Benefits for
Wine Producers

Digitalize Your Offer: Streamline your B2B and B2C offerings and automate marketing, sales, and distribution strategies.

Targeted Customization: Categorize your markets and tailor automation for increased credibility and serviceability.

Data-Driven Decisions: Generate, track, and monitor data to make informed decisions and enhance the value of your business.

Benefits for
Wine Lovers

Tailored Recommendations: Discover a systematic approach to identify your wine preferences.

Wine Personas: Participate in “Wine Persona” surveys catering to all levels of wine enthusiasts.

Personalized Offers: Gain more influence over the wines you receive and when you receive them.

CREDEMA.WINE Tools & Integrations

Website Development

Create secure sites with a popular CK HTML Editor

Eshop Capabilities

Choose between an inbuilt Eshop or integration with Shopify or Woocommerce.

CRM Software

Customize your Contact Relationship Management.

Email Marketing

Personalize email broadcasts and automate campaigns.

Survey Technology

Understand supplier offerings and customer preferences.

Wiki Glossary

Provide access to important online information.

Live Chat

Integration with Olark for immediate support.

Social Media Management

Centrally manage popular social networks.


Inbuilt invoicing tool with QuickBooks integration.

Payment Gateways

Simplify payments with STRIPE and PayPal integrations.

Opportunity Management

Track purchasing and sales opportunities for improved budgeting.

Leaderboard Monitoring

Keep tabs on team communication and productivity.

Project Management

Collaborate and monitor your plans efficiently.

And Much More

Explore a wide range of additional features!

ABout Us

Passionate Wine Lovers
with a Tech Twist

We’re wine enthusiasts with a tech-savvy edge. At CREDEMA.WINE, we blend our love for wine with state-of-the-art automation. Our solutions are a fusion of tradition and technology, offering the perfect wine selection for every customer, supported by intelligent processes. We bring the tradition of wine into the modern world of technology, creating an experience that delights all stakeholders, from wineries to wine lovers.


Contact us for a personal consultation and let us shape the future of wine together.



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